Thursday, July 19, 2007

First Lesson Homework Assignment

It is important that I select the
appropriate people to take part in this seminar course.

I only want the following type of people:

1.) People who have an interest in film and film studies.

2.) People who are prepared to speak up in class and, whether individually or in groups, express their thoughts and opinions.

3.) People who can write accurately and correctly. This course is assessed by two 1000 word academic essays and ten pieces of homework.

4.) People who are prepared to watch and research films and film theory.

5.) People who can ARRIVE ON TIME to class and also STAY AWAKE in while class. In addition, I do not want people who feel the need to play games on their mobile phones while in class.

In order to help me choose who stays on the course and who does not I want you to do the following.

Write a one page essay explaining the following:

1.) What can you offer to the course? How will the other people in the group benefit from you attending this course?

2.) What you expect to gain from the course.

3.) Your favourite film.

Submit your essay to me at the beginning of the second lesson, along with a petition.

I will use this essay and my judgement as the basis for my decision of who stays on the course and who does not. Those who are not successful will be withdrawn from the attendance list. A list will be posted on this web site as soon as my decision has been made.